Ǵorge Ivanov

Ǵorge Ivanov

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Ǵorge Ivanov
Ѓорге Иванов
 Ǵorge Ivanov
4th President of Macedonia
Assumed office
12 May 2009
Prime MinisterNikola Gruevski
Preceded byBranko Crvenkovski
Personal details
Born2 May 1960 (age 55)
Valandovo, Yugoslavia
(now Macedonia)
Political partyVMRO-DPMNE
Spouse(s)Maja Ivanova
Alma materUniversity of Skopje
ReligionMacedonian Orthodoxy
Signature signature of Ǵorge Ivanov
WebsiteOfficial website

President Dr. Gjorge Ivanov birthplace was Valandovo, on May 2, 1960. His name of his dad is Aleksandar, and his mom’s name is Todora. In the wake of finishing his essential and optional training in Valandovo, he began his law learns at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

Throughout his studies, he turned out to be politically dynamic in the liberal and reformist-situated youth associations. In 1988, he started his seven-year long vocation as columnist with the national telecaster “Macedonian Radio Television”, where he was at last elevated to the position of Editor of the Third Program. Amid his media profession, he was additionally dynamic in the political framework renewal endeavors. After the breakdown of the one-party demonstrate and guided economy of the then Yugoslavia, Gjorge Ivanov’s activism in the adolescent developments was gone for advancing political pluralism and free market economy. He continued with this movement at the University, where he began working in 1995. He earned a Master’s Degree in Political Science, explaining the proposal entitled: “Common Society – New Contradictions of an Old Debate”. His PhD postulation was centered around building popular government in isolated social orders, especially explaining the instance of the Republic of Macedonia.

At the Political Studies Department inside of the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law in Skopje, Professor Ǵorge Ivanov chipped away at presenting new experimental perspectives on governmental issues among his understudies, showing them political hypothesis and political rationality. In this way, he advanced new showing systems which opened Macedonian the educated community toward the Western colleges, conveying contemporary writing closer to the understudies and interfacing Macedonian resources to worldwide databases, even in the early phases of improvement of the Internet. In 1999, he was delegated Visiting Professor toward the South-East Europe Program at the University in Athens, Greece. Mindful that opening Macedonia toward the West would be a procedure requiring endeavors of a few forthcoming eras, Professor Gjorge Ivanov got to be dynamic in the European Union TEMPUS Program for the Republic of Macedonia, presenting changes in the educational modules and Master Programs in English dialect. As educator, he stayed and conveyed addresses at various outside colleges and took an interest in numerous global ventures. He was Head of the Political Studies Department and Vice Dean of the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law in Skopje.

Gjorge Ivanov is a main master in the field of common society and among the very firsts to present methodical exploration of this range in the Macedonian scholastic culture. He was an expert to noticeable research organizations and examination focuses. Eras of pioneers have passed his preparation in political administration. Teacher Ǵorge Ivanov is one of the prime supporters of the first Macedonian political science diary “Political Thought”. He is author of the first Political Science Association in autonomous Macedonia. Ǵorge Ivanov is additionally one of the authors of the Institute for Democracy, Solidarity and Civil Society, a prestigious Macedonian research organization which has molded the political scene in Macedonia and served as manual for some youthful gifts in the legislative issues. Albeit never a gathering part, Professor Gjorge Ivanov was dynamic in planning the change arrangement of the political party VMRO-DPMNE, the gathering that upheld his presidential selection at the 2009 decisions.

Amid his first term in office as president, he maintained a record strategic motivation with more than 200 respective gatherings with heads of state; more than 150 gatherings with leaders, speakers and heads of strategy; more than 100 official, working and casual visits and interests at worldwide occasions. Amid his residency, he held more than 430 gatherings with other outside dignitaries, high and senior authorities of universal associations and religious pioneers. He facilitated more than 40 official and working visits of heads of state to the Republic of Macedonia. He invited a large number of subjects of different ethnic and religious gatherings, proficient affiliations and non-administrative associations in the President’s Office. He was a supporter of various residential and worldwide social, experimental and brandishing occasions. He has beautified various people and organizations in the nation and abroad, including five previous and current heads of state.

Amid his administration, he always remembered to meet and talk about with understudies. He conveyed addresses not just at all state funded colleges in the Republic of Macedonia, additionally at the top remote colleges as a major aspect of large portions of his official visits. He got the best understudies and passed on their proposals and comments to the ministers of the colleges and the skillful Ministry, all together answers for the difficulties to be mutually found.

He presented the “Best Young Scientist” grant.

He got to be unmistakable with the School for Young Leaders, which has given new information, experience and aptitudes to more than 150 youngsters. With his dedication thereof, he has pulled in more than 100 eminent college teachers, statesmen and specialists as instructors at the School.

Teacher Gjorge Ivanov has gotten various welcomes to give addresses at eminent colleges in the European focuses. In October 2009 in Ankara, he was recompensed the title Doctor Honoris Causa at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology, a standout amongst the most unmistakable private colleges in Turkey, where the President talked on “The Millet System – Forgotten History or Recipe for the Future”. The title Doctor Honoris Causa a second one amid his term of office, was granted to President Ǵorge Ivanov by the Rector of the Istanbul University in March 2011. On that grave event, Professor Gjorge Ivanov held an address on “The Megapolis as a Societal Management Model of the 21st Century”.In October 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, President Ǵorge Ivanov got the title Doctor Honoris Causa at the Christian University “Dimitrie Cantemir”. The last recompensed title Doctor Honoris Causa, was gotten by the macedonian president in Nevsehir, Tyrkey, at the University “Haci Bektas Veli” in April, 2015. In October 2013, he was named Honorary Professor at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, China, and in February 2014, he gave an address and was named Honorary Professor at the prestigious Moscow State University “Lomonosov”. In September 2011, President Ǵorge Ivanov was recompensed the most elevated Order of the St. Lazarus Order from Jerusalem. In December 2013, President Ǵorge Ivanov was granted the Order of St. George’s House of Habsburg-Lotringen.

In March 2012, in Salzburg, President Ǵorge Ivanov was confirmed as Protector of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. In December 2013, President Ǵorge Ivanov turned into an individual from the World Academy of Arts and Sciences.

This is just a little piece of the exercises of President Ǵorge Ivanov amid his term of office, in which he is devoted, once a day, to the reinforcing of the state solidarity at the national level and opening of new skylines for the Republic of Macedonia, for the Macedonian economy, instruction, science, society, craftsmanship, wears and making a superior future for youngsters. Driven by the rule of openness to all in the remote arrangement and strategy, President Ǵorge Ivanov adds to esteeming the current and building up new fellowships and associations for the Republic of Macedonia in Europe and all through the world.

Аt the presidential races held in April 2014, President Ǵorge Ivanov was re-chosen for another five-year term of office.

President Ǵorge Ivanov is married with a kid.

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