János Áder
János Áder
 János Áder
President of Hungary
Assumed office
10 May 2012
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Preceded by LászlóKövér (Acting)
Speaker of the National Assembly
In office
18 June 1998 – 15 May 2002
Preceded by ZoltánGál
Succeeded by KatalinSzili
Member of the National Assembly
In office
2 May 1990 – 13 July 2009
Constituency Csorna
Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly
In office
9 September 1997 – 17 June 1998
In office
16 May 2006 – 13 July 2009
Member of the European Parliament
In office
14 July 2009 – 23 January 2012
Personal details
Born 9 May 1959 (age 56)
Csorna, Hungary
Political party Fidesz
Spouse(s) Anita Herczegh
Children 4
Alma mater EötvösLoránd University
Religion Roman Catholicism

Janos Ader is a standout amongst the most renowned names in Hungarian legislative issues. In spite of the fact that he graduated as a legal advisor, this man immediately moved into governmental issues at a youthful age. In a matter of a couple of years, he went ahead to end up an essential individual from the Hungarian moderate political gathering ‘Freisz’.

In the wake of working towards the advancement of his gathering for very nearly two decades, János Áder went ahead to end up an incredibly famous pioneer after he was delegated the President of Hungary. Before being chosen as the incomparable pioneer of his nation, this legal advisor demonstrated his initiative capacities through different parts, for example, that of being the restriction pioneer of his gathering.

He is recollected by the natives of the nation as a pioneer who attempted to get positive changes the Hungarian constitution. This awesome pioneer trusted that normal assets, for example, land and water are the nation’s most noteworthy resource, and presented an article which underscored on its protection. He likewise trusted that assurance of a nation’s social legacy is similarly essential for a representing body.

This awesome pioneer even looked for the assistance of different countries to increase better learning of subjects, for example, water administration. In this manner, János Áder has figured out how to keep up welcoming relations in the middle of Hungary and numerous different nations through his style of administration.


Childhood & Early Life

  • Janos Ader was conceived in Hungary in 1959, to folks of a white collar class financial foundation. While his mom worked at a social insurance organization, János Áder’s dad served as the appointee administrator of a nearby store. He was the first youngster destined to his guardians, and was raised at the Győr-Moson-Sopron County, situated in the town of Csorna.
  • He joined the ‘Eötvös Loránd University’, situated at Budapest in 1978, where he considered law, for a time of five years.
  • He later joined the sociological examination establishment, ‘Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ in 1986, where he functioned as an exploration individual for the following four years.
  • In the meantime, he was additionally a piece of the restriction round table gathering, which assumed a vital part in attempting to end the single-party style of administration in the country.



  • Amid the period 1990-94, János Áder drove the race battles for the moderate political gathering “Fidesz” on two unique events. He was likewise chosen as an individual from the Hungarian parliament at around the same time.


  • Subsequent to being involved with his obligations as a parliamentarian for the following couple of years, this legal counselor was chosen as the individual from the National Assembly of Hungary in 1998. Amid his residency, this legal counselor got to be in charge of Hungary’s relationship with the between legislative military activity, ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization’ (NATO).


  • He turned into the pioneer of restriction of his gathering ‘Fidesz’, in 2002, and kept on taking care of the obligation regarding the following four years.


  • In 2009, he, alongside a couple of different lawmakers fitting in with the preservationist gathering, challenged the ‘European Parliamentary Election’. An effective János Áder turned into the individual from the European Parliament, not long after the challenge.


  • After two years, in 2011, this “Fidesz” pioneer assumed a urgent part in drafting the enactment, which meant to build up legal freedom in Hungary.


  • The year 2012 was a standout amongst the most momentous years of this present pioneer’s political vocation. On sixteenth April this year, he was chosen as the President of the country, after his gathering associate Pal Schmitt ventured down.


  • That year, he was selected as the appointee executive of the ‘Board of trustees on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety’


  • The new president of Hungary took a stab at reinforcing the connection between his country and Israel, by welcoming the nation’s leader Shimon Peres to Hungary, in July 2012. The Hungarian pioneer asserted that the aim was to accumulate learning about Israel’s water administration procedures.


  • In only 14 months of his residency, the Hungarian president had spoke to the overseeing bodies, for example, the ‘Established Court’ and the ‘National Assembly for Consideration’ to survey 15 laws, and roll out improvements if conceivable. His activities glaring difference a conspicuous difference to is ancestor Pal Schmitt, who hadn’t endeavored to roll out such improvements while he was the president.


  • János Áder endeavored to manufacture welcoming relations with Serbia in 2013, when he apologized to the nation’s subjects at the Serbian Parliament for the damages brought about by his country to the Serbian nationals amid the Second World War.


Major Works


  • János Áder drew the consideration of regarded pioneers from different countries through his discourse at the ’67th session of the UN General Assembly’, held at New York in 2012. The Hungarian political stalwart talked about the new facilities made in his nation, which would advantage the nation’s subjects hugely.


  • He underscored on the conservation of Hungary’s characteristic assets, for example, water and land as a piece of the country’s social legacy, through this discourse.


Individual Life and Legacy

  • János Áder got hitched to a legal counselor named Anita Herczegh, who later went ahead to wind up a judge. The couple is honored with four kids, a child, and three girls.


  • His wife Anita’s dad was additionally a lawman, who served as the judge of the ‘Universal Court of Justice’, arranged in Netherlands, for a time of 10 years.
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